Who are these people?

Sometimes, it’s easier to take interest in something when you have a name or face to go with it, so let me introduce myself. My name is Nora and I am a stay-at-home mom of a boy (7) and a girl (5), and I homeschool…for several reasons. But one of those reasons is because I have a neurological disorder called Narcolepsy. I only mention it now because it has such an impact on my daily life that it will probably be eluded to here and there throughout my posts. We also have two furbabies: Bella is our 8 year old black lab/husky mix and Sophi is our 11 year old tricolor bassett hound. They’re ridiculously sweet and a pain in my hide at the same time!

Doggies 2015

I love all things DIY-just wish I was better at it-and I have a passion for people. So I am working on my PhD for Health Psychology with plans to write all sorts of books in hopes of helping with a wider reach. My husband travels the world for work and in his “spare time” he’s a 1st Lieutenant in the Army National Guard, meaning He.Has.No.Spare.Time. And somehow he fits college courses (full load) in there somewhere. He works hard, that’s for sure! I hope y’all enjoy following our adventures and learning from our mistakes. God bless!


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