I can’t remember the exact moment I started dreaming of shiny Airstreams but once I did, it was all over for me. I began making subtle hints to my husband about the grande aspects of living a minimalist lifestyle (which I had already been trying to achieve at home for two years) and then I graduated to more specific comments. About a year later, he bit! You see, he travels a whole lot for work. And last year he had to live in another state for six months to work on a project while the kids and I had to stay behind. About two months of being gone is when my idea of full time RVing and the ability to take home with us wherever we go began to sound appealing to him. That was right at a year ago.

So while he travelled all over for work, I worked on getting the house sold. Took me 6 months to get it list ready, then 5 months and close to 30 showings to sell it. Shew! Glad that’s over! Shoutout to Ben Allen @ Bluegrass Sotheby’s International for helping to make it happen.

Anyway, enough of the boring stuff. So here’s what I imagine, right?

2015-12-14 08.41.07

2015-12-14 21.52.00

And here’s probably a more accurate depiction of what my husband imagines. Hahaha!

2015-12-14 08.40.10

But neither is what we have! We have this beauty.

2015-12-14 08.48.03

She’s really just in need of some TLC on the outside (In fact, I’ve already begun removing the worn blue stripes and we have replacement decals burning a hole in my pocket.), but her insides are getting an entire redesign…what we beginners can manage anyway!

Here you see an image of the inside that I found on Google because I didn’t snap any photos of the front in all the excitement to get rid of it.

2015-12-14 09.49.47

The only things different are the fabrics on the couch and dinette, the curtain color, the fridge color, and the carpet. Clearly, it is in no way conducive to four people and two dogs living in there right now. Good news, though! The front end’s been emptied, painted, and new floors are laid in that half. I’ll do a paint and floor post later.



And to always keep it real for ya…


There’s some of our stuff piled up where the dinette used to be and then you see the boards I had to race out to save from the monsoon before daylight this morning.


And theeeeeere’s the rest of our stuff, currently living in totes on the picnic table-in a mud hole-while we rebuild inside. Classy! My poor pallet Christmas tree got blown over in the storm, too. Oh, and last but not least, check out the $40 in plywood (under the pink crate) that we just bought YESTERDAY to build our new couch…now ruined. Too real maybe? Well, it is what it is. : )

Next up: new dining table, chairs, and our couch build progress. Sneak peek…


Yep, that’s all I got done on the couch before I had to stop yesterday. But to end on a positive note…

Christmas decor makes everything better! Love our little Charlie Brown tree this year.


7 thoughts on “The Vision

  1. Oh my goodness, I love this so much already! I can’t wait to see all of the changes. Congratulations to y’all for making it work. And wonderful job on your first blog post!


  2. Hey Nora!! I’m sure that I will enjoy watching your progress on your Airstream and look forward to updates on your travels. My husband & I had to re-do my horse trailer living quarters and I’m still working on finishing touches. Good luck to you, Sweetie!


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